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Tammy Wolhüter, RD(SA) is registered with the Health Professionals Council of South Africa (HPCSA) and runs her own private practice.  She completed her Bachelor of Science degree in Dietetics at the University of the Free State in 2004, and has been in practice for 15 years.  Tammy enjoys helping people make the required lifestyle changes to promote health and prevent disease. She also has a special interest in maternal nutrition and has been a member of the expert panel for "Your Pregnancy” magazine.  Tammy has written a number of journal articles for well-known medical journals such as Specialist Forum and the Medical Chronicle.  She also consults to the media including magazines and radio and has contributed to several publications and television programs.  With three of her own children, Tammy is well-experienced on childhood nutrition, including (but not limited to): breastfeeding, infant nutrition, picky eaters, introducing solids, allergies in children as well as sports nutrition.  She is a keen runner and focused on fitness, and encourages healthy lifestyle habits for all persons.  Tammy consults with people all over the world, offering virtual consultations, as well as locally, face-to-face.   It is a pleasure for Tammy to bring good news to people, in the form of sound, scientifically based nutrition information.   For any queries, please contact Tammy on +27 83 632 5907 or 


Initial Consultation 1hr20min - R 980

Meal Plan Collection 45min  - R 480

Follow-up 20-30minR 300

InBody AssessmentR 300

Block Booking (3 follow-ups paid upfront) - R 840

InBody Block (3 InBody Assessments, paid upfront) - R 750



The first consultation:


Your initial consultation is approximately 1h20, during which time your dietitian will do a full assessment for 40 minutes which includes:

- Medical history

- Family history of disease (genetic history) looking at predisposing factors that may precipitate undesirable weight and health consequences

- Detailed diet history looking at food preferences, food patterns, food likes and dislikes, food allergies and intolerance’s, food cravings and patterns of eating behavior

- Health and nutritional status

- Weight, height and body mass index

- Vitamin and mineral supplement review

- If there are any blood tests required, your dietitian will discuss this with you and fill out the blood test request form, which you can take to a lab and have the tests done. The results will be directed back to the dietitian and any doctor you request a copy to be sent to.

Following this assessment, you will have 40 minutes of nutrition education. Education aims to help you understand:

- Food classification

- The metabolic function of food

- The impact that certain food choices can have on appetite and on fat burning capabilities.

- Any information relating to disease conditions that may require addressing.

The nutrition education is also tailored to help you understand how certain food choices can have an impact on other health problems specific to the individual.

The cost of this consultation is R980. If two people would like to come together they are most welcome to do so and the duration of that consultation will be 2hrs. The fact that you both sit in on the consultation means that we do not have to repeat the nutrition education session so a time saving of 40mins is incurred. The cost of that consultation remains R980 per person, i.e. R1960 due to that fact that each person will have an individual meal plan calculated.

Should your spouse wish to sit in during the consultation he / she is most welcome to do so at no extra cost.

Following the first consultation, the dietitian will analyze your diet history: an individualized meal plan and cycle menu will be calculated and you will receive recipes to compliment the menu and to facilitate the implementation of the dietary advice. This is completed by the Dietitian between the first and second consultations and may take anywhere from 1 hour to 1½ hours.

Second / Follow-up consultation:

The first follow-up consultation will be one week after the first consultation. The duration of this consultation will be 30 minutes. Your dietitian will explain in detail the menu plan and cycle menu as well as how the information is to be applied to day to day living. You will also be given some tasty recipes to show you that bland and boring is not how a diet should be. Your dietitian will also advise you on any supplements you may require and help you to set goals for the attainment of health and weight objectives.

The cost of this consultation will be R480.

Other follow-up consultations:


The frequency of your follow-up consultations is variable depending on your needs. This will be discussed with you and your dietitian. Research has shown that people who are followed-up on a regular basis are more successful in weight and health management than those who are not. There are many nutrition-related education sessions that can be scheduled at followup appointments as nutrition is a broad topic that cannot be covered in just one consultation. Various topics can be covered during follow-ups, such as: Reading Food Labels; Nutrition and Cholesterol / Heart Disease; What To Eat When Eating Out; Holiday Eating Plan; Food Myth Busters; Fad Diets; Food Allergies and Intolerances; Gut Health; Mindful Eating, and more..

All subsequent follow-up consultations are billed per time unit e.g. 1 unit = 20 minutes = R300. If extra time is required during your consultation, please note that you will be billed accordingly.

Block Bookings: You can choose to pay for three follow-up consultations upfront for R840, which is equivalent to R280 per consult, instead of R300.

Consultations can be done virtually, using Zoom; Microsoft Teams or even Watsapp. Technology has shrunk our world and has allowed me to work successfully with people all over the world who have achieved great results with me by just doing virtual consultations.

VNC – Vitality Nutrition Consultation:

Duration 30 minutes, Cost R 395-00 This is a screening tool that will award you 1000 Discovery Vitality points.

InBody Analysis:


Weight is more than just a number. What your body consists of gives a better picture. An InBody Analysis is a measurement of your body composition including muscle, fat, bone, water and mineral density. The duration of this assessment is approximately 20 minutes which includes a feedback discussion of your body composition. This optional assessment costs R300; or you may choose to purchase a block booking of 3 x InBody Analyses which is offered at a discounted rate of R750 for 3 assessments (R250 per assessment). These three assessments must be used within one year of purchase and are not transferable to other persons.

Genetic Testing:


I am a credited DNAlysis practitioner, where you can choose to do various genetic tests, specific to: Diet, Health, Sport, Oestrogen, Skin, Mind, Medcheck and Ancestry. The swab for the test is taken at my office, then sent off to a laboratory. Your results are sent to me within 2-3 weeks, where you will follow-up with me for further specific guidance relating to your genetic test results. Price list for DNAlysis tests are available on request.

Medical Aid:


I am a registered dietitian with the Health Professions Council (HPCSA), which means that you may make use of your medical aid to support your health endeavor. As mentioned before I am not contracted into medical aid societies. You can however claim your appointments back from most medical aids. Depending on your medical scheme it may come from your savings account. If you are not sure about whether or not your medical aid will refund you we suggest that you call them and request authorization prior to commencing with your appointments.

Corporate Offerings:

Wellness days are a great way to keep employees well-informed on healthy lifestyle choices. I offer interactive presentations on various topics as well as healthy cooking classes. Group classes on healthy eating or weight loss groups are also an added value service I offer at corporate level. Pricing for these events can be discussed, if interested.

Cancellation of appointments:


If you need to cancel your appointment, please ensure that you do so at least 24 hours in advance. This also applies to the cancellation or rescheduling of appointments. Appointments not cancelled timeously will be charged for.

Thank you for your understanding in this regard; I assure you that I will try to facilitate your times and appointments as far as I am able to

I look forward to meeting you and assisting you achieve your health objectives.

Yours in Health,


Tammy Wolhuter, RD(SA)

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